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So I walked to the park today

Posted by ShoZu

so a couple of nights ago I watched Xanadu. I should go rollerdancing in the park next weekend. only not.
I had a minor foot surgery and I just spent another 1000$ on my cat's ass. it blew up. her ass that is. poor thing. nobody's ass should ever explode. and this was the second time. ugh.
ma man's great.
I'm hungry. among other things

Current Music: krisha das - namah shivaya

I had blueberry pancakes with black raspberry ice cream for dinner tonight. it was astounding.

fuzzle 199, originally uploaded by fuzzpup21.

I could have pushed someone in particular down these stairs today. it would have felt so good. instead I came home and cleaned like a coked out whore, to expend some anger and energy.

they were the stairs outside of my last apartment. sometimes I miss the ghetto. I definately miss the sandwiches.

the cat is meowing at the wall again, time to vacuum

I hurt. I got a wisdom tooth out and a shiteload of cysty grossness scraped out of the back of my jaw. ouch. gross. awouchhh. at least I can eat solid foods again. the other 3 aren't infected so they're coming out in may! yay!
work is good. hectic but great. not perfect but definately many steps in the right direction. complicated I guess.

I've been kind of lonely lately.
been on a few dates, but not many. I don't like people who endlessly overbook themselves so I try to not do that, and I end up being tired and busy with other lifeshit to do. the guys I have been hanging out with have been nice, I've had some fun. none are just the right fit I guess. and I'm just in a funk.

I love alonetime too though so I can't really complain, I bring the lonelyness on myself a lot of the time.

getting a new camera for my birthday. finally! my baby died so long ago, I've been using paul's camera for so long. it's ok, but not mine. and I think broken...

I might buy a new ipod soon too with the money I better get back after I file my taxes. because although my ipod is old reliable it is quite the artifact. it's not even in color. I mean fo real. I need something that I can fit all my music on finally. since I gave up on deleting sprees a long time ago...

I wish I didn't run out of my vicodin yesterday. who wouldn't wish that?

Current Music: the smiths-there is a light that never goes out

I've started living again lately. I had my last day at the law office of my former employment last monday and am currently in the middle of a two weeks of awesomeness before I start the next job. towards the end of the month I'll be starting to work up at Sloan Kettering, I'm really excited about it! yuh. I've been meeting a lot of people at random that work there too. good times. in the down/meantime I've been keeping overly busy, and sleeping less than I'd prefer. I've gone to some concerts and plays, seen a bunch of good friends, met some new ones, had some sex, had some really fucking awesome pie and probably drank too much.
I met a guy I'm really digging. we've hung out a few times now, it's been awesome, I guess we'll just wait and see with that one. I was a bit of a strumpet when me and paul broke up, it's a good thing to not want to be one right now. as much.
I've been going to some shows recently, it's been refreshing. and loverly. it's been so long since I was this busy. I kinda miss being a recluse.
I had a great time at the arcade fire/lcd soundsystem show last saturday. it was le sex and a half. lcd was ridiculous, james murphy is fucking hot and a tad insane. and the arcade fire was utter beauty. regine just bounces around like a pixie and does everything. and then on thursday we went to stars. I'm a sucker for canadian indie rock haha. I was all smiles, twas another great show. amy milan should be in the triplets of belleville, in a good way.
going to the new pornographers, the polyphonic spree, and final fantasy in the coming weeks.
and now I'm poor. from buying too many tickets...yay new job!....
last night I went to a jazz benefit for an organization that my friend Jamie worked for in thailand that rescues kids from the sex trade and being lost in the system. there was a decent turn out I thought, raised some good money. then I had some drama, then glorious chinese food. westside chef to be precise. give me more dumplings. cover me in them. but not really, but give me a lot of them.
we afterpartied and insanity ensued. I had a spectacular time.
I've been running around the city all day today, and now am tired. sitting at home hanging out with myself. I throw a great private party, let me tell you. life's really great. it's been a while since that happened. cheers.
I've been doing a lot of pushups lately. I did 120 today so far. I don't know how that started. I'm still weak though. but hot. mmm, hot and weak. and so modest

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back to the doctor today, more wrong with me, but all fixable, and the rest of that shit is clearing up, praise jebux. happy new year to all my jews. I wish I had the day off too. I've been really lazy all day though, so I guess that's kind of like a day off in a way.
I had so much to say 5 minutes ago

Current Music: feist- so sorry

this fucking sucks.
I'm really sick. for a while they didn't know what was wrong with me and I was utterly terrified. I finally got to see a competent doctor [the 4th opinion...] and recieved drugs and intelligence. on the way to recovery.
had a great labor day weekend despite the appearances by the 103 fever and migraine-like head slaughterings. was up having love time with the goonyas. was supposed to hunt some ghostly nuns but we didn't get to it. fucky.
tonight sucked shit and I'm a ball of negative emotions.
I had some good chili though. and put some crap on my walls. purty.
I'm off to sulk more and gradually pass out to mogwai

Current Music: mogwai-mogwai fear satan

I just bought A LOT OF SHIT online. it was gratifying but most likely stupid.

Current Music: john vanderslice- the parade

my boss just called me because he wanted to let me hear a busker with a one stringed cello playing twinkle twinkle little star and making cow noises. . .


I have some plans tonight.
aussi, plans for upcoming labor day extravaganza del tewks avec Jaitlyn et macDaddy are locked in. we are so fucking set for launch.

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