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April 2009
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teddy [userpic]

this fucking sucks.
I'm really sick. for a while they didn't know what was wrong with me and I was utterly terrified. I finally got to see a competent doctor [the 4th opinion...] and recieved drugs and intelligence. on the way to recovery.
had a great labor day weekend despite the appearances by the 103 fever and migraine-like head slaughterings. was up having love time with the goonyas. was supposed to hunt some ghostly nuns but we didn't get to it. fucky.
tonight sucked shit and I'm a ball of negative emotions.
I had some good chili though. and put some crap on my walls. purty.
I'm off to sulk more and gradually pass out to mogwai

Current Music: mogwai-mogwai fear satan

I hope the drugs have fully kicked in and that you're doing better by the time you see this.