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April 2009
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teddy [userpic]

I've started living again lately. I had my last day at the law office of my former employment last monday and am currently in the middle of a two weeks of awesomeness before I start the next job. towards the end of the month I'll be starting to work up at Sloan Kettering, I'm really excited about it! yuh. I've been meeting a lot of people at random that work there too. good times. in the down/meantime I've been keeping overly busy, and sleeping less than I'd prefer. I've gone to some concerts and plays, seen a bunch of good friends, met some new ones, had some sex, had some really fucking awesome pie and probably drank too much.
I met a guy I'm really digging. we've hung out a few times now, it's been awesome, I guess we'll just wait and see with that one. I was a bit of a strumpet when me and paul broke up, it's a good thing to not want to be one right now. as much.
I've been going to some shows recently, it's been refreshing. and loverly. it's been so long since I was this busy. I kinda miss being a recluse.
I had a great time at the arcade fire/lcd soundsystem show last saturday. it was le sex and a half. lcd was ridiculous, james murphy is fucking hot and a tad insane. and the arcade fire was utter beauty. regine just bounces around like a pixie and does everything. and then on thursday we went to stars. I'm a sucker for canadian indie rock haha. I was all smiles, twas another great show. amy milan should be in the triplets of belleville, in a good way.
going to the new pornographers, the polyphonic spree, and final fantasy in the coming weeks.
and now I'm poor. from buying too many tickets...yay new job!....
last night I went to a jazz benefit for an organization that my friend Jamie worked for in thailand that rescues kids from the sex trade and being lost in the system. there was a decent turn out I thought, raised some good money. then I had some drama, then glorious chinese food. westside chef to be precise. give me more dumplings. cover me in them. but not really, but give me a lot of them.
we afterpartied and insanity ensued. I had a spectacular time.
I've been running around the city all day today, and now am tired. sitting at home hanging out with myself. I throw a great private party, let me tell you. life's really great. it's been a while since that happened. cheers.
I've been doing a lot of pushups lately. I did 120 today so far. I don't know how that started. I'm still weak though. but hot. mmm, hot and weak. and so modest

Current Location: my bedroom
Current Music: the most serene republic-present or future end

Aww....I wish I knew about the jazz benefit; I might have gone.
Gotta agree with the hot assessment, though... ;)

next time I'll be sure to let you know :) twas a nice night

amazing entry.
I just realized that new job was in the sad movie Brian's Song, which makes your new job even more awesome.

I'm so glad you are leading and living a quite loverly and refreshing life again. Warms my heart, it does.
I'd like to say myself as well....no mas with the tears about this summer.
Happy Happy music joy freedom love.

yea good times.
ok have fun with the push-ups hot weak man.

aw D you warm my heart. mad love :)