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April 2009
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teddy [userpic]

I hurt. I got a wisdom tooth out and a shiteload of cysty grossness scraped out of the back of my jaw. ouch. gross. awouchhh. at least I can eat solid foods again. the other 3 aren't infected so they're coming out in may! yay!
work is good. hectic but great. not perfect but definately many steps in the right direction. complicated I guess.

I've been kind of lonely lately.
been on a few dates, but not many. I don't like people who endlessly overbook themselves so I try to not do that, and I end up being tired and busy with other lifeshit to do. the guys I have been hanging out with have been nice, I've had some fun. none are just the right fit I guess. and I'm just in a funk.

I love alonetime too though so I can't really complain, I bring the lonelyness on myself a lot of the time.

getting a new camera for my birthday. finally! my baby died so long ago, I've been using paul's camera for so long. it's ok, but not mine. and I think broken...

I might buy a new ipod soon too with the money I better get back after I file my taxes. because although my ipod is old reliable it is quite the artifact. it's not even in color. I mean fo real. I need something that I can fit all my music on finally. since I gave up on deleting sprees a long time ago...

I wish I didn't run out of my vicodin yesterday. who wouldn't wish that?

Current Music: the smiths-there is a light that never goes out